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August 21, 2021

Rabbit Vibrators

With such an adorable and playful name, who knew that the Rabbit vibrator could give you so much intense pleasure? Are you the type of woman who needs clitoral stimulation to climax? These vibrators will rock your world from the inside out. Some have rotating internal shafts while others have perfectly designed bunny ears that nestle snuggly around your clit. Regardless of the style, one thing all Rabbit Vibrators have in common is they'll leave you dripping, satisfied, and begging for more!

Clit Stimulators & Suction

Your clit is home to over 8,000 nerve endings. That's a whole lot of stimulation! Many women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, which makes Clit Vibrators & Suckers some of the most popular toys in any woman's bedside table.

Dual Vibrations

Dual stimulation is a fan favorite and it's no mystery why. Not only does it feel amazing when you're stimulated from the inside out, but many women require both clit and vaginal stimulation to achieve the big O. 

One of the first (and most classic) dual stimulators ever created was the Rabbit vibrator. This revolutionary toy was featured on Sex and the City and got its name thanks to the adorable bunny ears that double as a clitoral stimulator. 

Another option is our exclusive revolutionary Pleasure Sleeves w/Clit Stimulator before slipping inside you. Our Pleasure Sleeves provide him with a 50% girth increase and you with more intense orgasms. The exposed head on this sex sleeve lets him experience every stroke, thrust, and body-shaking orgasm right alongside you. Now, that's hot! 


You've seen them on the hit TV series Sex and the City and you may have even purchased one claiming it worked out all those nasty kinks in your neck and back. You're not fooling anyone - and that's okay! Any woman who's ever gotten her hands on one of these intense, vibrating, no-nonsense massagers knows just how powerful and reliable they are for sexual pleasure and stimulation. And if you haven't tried one yet, what are you waiting for?

Wand massagers are praised for their intense, targeted pleasure. And while there are travel-size versions, wand massagers are designed to be strong, powerful sex tools that deliver guaranteed results.

Bullets & Eggs

If you enjoy the intense vibrations of wand massagers but prefer your orgasm delivered in a more petite package, opt for bullet and egg vibrators. These massagers may be small but they still offer big results (and big orgasms). Designed for use alone or with a partner, you can easily nestle one of these sleek and gorgeous vibrators against your clit during intercourse or solo-play. Take it to the next level and slip one into your panties! Hand over the remote control to your partner and get ready to wiggle, tingle, and gush in delight. 

Lip Stick & Travel Size

For discreet fun on the go, check out these lipstick and travel vibrators that allow you to unleash your hidden desires and pleasure wherever and whenever the mood strikes you. Our full line of vibrators offers something for everyone from couple's toys to vibrating dildos and even G-spot vibrators.


Strap-ons are more popular than most people realize. Not only do lesbian couples love to strap one on (literally) and enjoy vaginal intercourse, but there are plenty of curious men out there interested in giving anal sex a try. With a strap-on harness and dildo, you can explore every sexual fantasy and relationship dynamic you've ever dreamed of.  Strap-in and hold on for a sexual experience like no other.


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