Everything You Need (and Want) to Know About the Hot Octopuss Pulse So - THW™

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October 15, 2020

Vibrators aren’t just for the ladies. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is a revolutionary Guybrator™ (yes, you read that right) that has won multiple awards for its power, innovative design, and overall awesomeness! If you’re into hands-free fun, this gorgeous and powerful Guybrator™ is the answer to all your naughty prayers. Place the convenient wrist-strap remote next to your Apple watch or fitness tracker and get ready to control every pulse, twitch, and vibration until you literally come in your pants! 

The sexy look of the Pulse Solo is one of its greatest features. Let your partner wear the discreet wrist remote and drive you wild from across the room! Talk about foreplay.  When you’re ready to kick things up a notch, touch the Turbo button and hold on for the ride of your life. 

The Pulse Solo’s Unique Design and Versatility

One reason why the Pulse Solo is one of the most popular male vibrators on the market is its unique design and versatility. Ergonomically crafted to fit most penises, you can slide the smooth, silicone over a flaccid or erect penis. Whether you need help getting in the mood or have a condition that makes getting an erection difficult, the Pulse Solo will get you there (and beyond) in seconds. Simply place your flaccid penis into the comfortable sleeve, choose your desired setting, and watch as your pleasure and penis grow!

PulsePlate Technology

Not only is this Pulse Guybrator™ flexible and comfortable to wear, but the Hot Octopuss patented PulsePlate Technology™ delivers targeted vibrations in electrifying patterns. Some wearers report having the most intense orgasm of their lives while wearing the Pulse Solo. This revolutionary technology was designed specifically for men, especially those who struggle to achieve orgasm. The toy’s uniquely crafted vibrators focus on frequency, amplitude, and oscillations, to help stimulate the frenulum (the small tag of skin located between your shaft and foreskin) and other erogenous zones while delivering fast, reliable, and intense orgasms every time.

The Pulse Solo is Like Two Toys in One

When it comes to versatility, you can use the Pulse Solo as a hands-free vibrator or as a male masturbator. To use it as a vibrator, simply find a comfortable position for the Pulse Solo on your penis, let go, and wait for the innovative PulsePlate Technology™ to do its thing - get you hard and get you off! You’ll be amazed at how hard you get and how hard you come! If you want to take a break from the vibrations, just add lube and it doubles as a flexible, comfortable male masturbator, perfect for stroking your way to the finish line.

The Power Behind the Design

You might be wondering how a small vibrator that slips on your penis can actually take you from 0 to 60 within minutes. The Pulse Solo’s unbelievable results are thanks to its powerful motors and revolutionary Turbo button, which you can access either from the wireless remote or the toy itself. Once you kick things into turbo-mode, hold on tight because you’ll be met with 4,450 rpm of power, which is 500 rpm more than what’s normally needed in a vibrator! Here’s some more tech to chew on - the Pulse Solo also has state-of-the-art magnetic charging capabilities to guarantee the fun never ends.

Go Splish Splash with the Pulse Solo

As if this Pulse Guybrator™ couldn’t get any better, it’s now waterproof! If you love masturbating in the shower, while taking a relaxing bath, or in the jacuzzi, you can now take your favorite toy with you. Not only can the Pulse Solo stand up to wetness (good thing), but the vibrations are even MORE intense once submerged. Shuffle through six unique patterns until you discover which one hits all the right spots. Then sit back, relax, and let the Pulse Guybrator™ do what it does best - deliver body-shaking orgasms!

Explore All the Pulso Solo Has to Offer - Alone or with a Partner

The best part about the Pulse Solo is that it can be used solo (as the name suggests) or with a partner! The flexible, wireless write remote is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The easy controls let anyone wearing it change the vibrations with ease. Slip the Pulse Solo on yourself and hand the remote to your partner. You can play with the six settings in the privacy of your home or in public for a sexy secret that acts like foreplay all night long. Just be careful, once the PulsePlate Technology kicks in or your partner hits the Turbo button, you may not be able to hide your intense pleasure. 

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