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Intimacy Coaching With DJ & Ingrid

What Does a Couples Intimacy Coach Do?


A Couples Intimacy Coach supports you toward sexual health and wellness by helping you learn more about your sexuality, understand more about having an active sex life, and how to expand your sexual horizons.

Knowing that as humans we're naturally sexual beings and the act of having sex is the most common act shared by all is comforting. Ensuring sex is enjoyable and forever evolving is a huge key to our coaching sessions!  Our bodies need to be in sync with our minds through proper self-care and knowledge to achieve the orgasmic sexual results your looking for.  This is a huge part of what DJ & Ingrid help their clients achieve.  


What Do Couples Intimacy Coaches Focus On?


Intimacy coaches can guide and support many relationship aspects, but ultimately each have their areas of expertise.  DJ & Ingrid focus on the introduction and usage of adult toys, how to expand and communicate sexual needs and wants, foreplay to sex and how to navigate the sexual ins and outs of both monogamous and non monogamous relationships.  DJ & Ingrid find that both men and women of all social back grounds benefit greatly from intimacy coaching. They find that many, both men and woman lack the ability of how to discuss their sexual desires or simply do have the tools to do so in a successful manor. Neglecting this area can cause frustration, resentment or simply keep their relationship from evolving. However, DJ & Ingrid find that many have couples the means to live a fresh, rejuvenating, sexually satisfied life and ever evolving relationship with the skills learned from their intimacy coaching sessions.


To be more specific, they work with men & women who are wishing to learn:

  • The introduction of adult toys
  • Guidance and use of adult toys
  • How to explain your needs and wants
  • How to explore your needs and wants
  • How to bring the spark back into the bedroom
  • How to set boundaries  
  • How to build security and trust in the relationship 
  • How to gain more sexual confidence
  • Increasing realtionship stability and strength
  • Relearning and redefining pleasure practices
  • How to deal with lack of time for sex with one’s partner (work & parenting obligations)
  • How to introduce a 3rd or explore swinging
  • Learning your fetishes and understanding them
  • And so much more...


Who Is It For/Why Would I Need or Want A Sexual Wellness Coach?


If you are a couple, male or female and are experiencing any of the above, now is the time to act. Remember Yolo is a real thing and while we're here, living this thing we call life, let's make the best of it and enjoy a full-filling, satisfying, happy relationship with our partner!


How Do Our Intimacy Coaching Services Work?


30 min 1 on 1 coaching sessions with DJ via phone call, $100 USD.

30 min 2 on 1 coaching sessions with DJ & Ingrid via phone call, $175 USD. 

Email to book your session today!