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I’m writing this in the hopes that I can reach a few moms and wives like myself. Women who have had natural delivery (more than once), feel little to no pleasure during sex, and are slowly losing their self-confidence. Women who don’t enjoy sex anymore --  to the point that it’s negatively impacting their relationship. I hope this post can help save a few marriages. 

After having four children through natural childbirth, my body just wasn’t the same. I’m grateful for my children and knew my body would change after childbirth and as a natural part of aging. What I didn’t expect were the changes that my vagina would undergo. It makes perfect sense that it would have more elasticity, but no one ever told me about the possibility of losing sensitivity -- and the negative effect it would have on my sex life. 

I’m fairly confident that I’ve tried every natural remedy out there -- everything from yoga and toning devices to kegel exercises. Personally, kegel exercises did help a little bit but not enough to dramatically improve my sex life. I even went as far as to research vaginal rejuvenation. If you’ve never looked this up, be prepared! It’s a scary, invasive, and risky procedure that promises to change the appearance and tightness of your vagina. After reading one too many horror stories, it became quite clear that this just wasn’t an option for me. 

It was as if we just didn’t fit together anymore. Our relationship was completely void of intimacy and I was seriously getting worried that we’d never recover. The problem wasn’t him, though. My husband never complained about the elasticity of my vagina or our sex life. He was always able to climax and constantly reassured me that I was still his sexy, beautiful wife. But I didn’t feel that way. Not feeling good about myself made it difficult to enjoy sex. I was constantly putting on a show for his benefit. I wanted to reciprocate his passion and intensity, but I just didn’t feel it. I even faked orgasm a few times and could barely look myself in the mirror the next day. 

Don’t get wrong, there’s nothing wrong with my husband’s penis. It’s average size and before kids, it was more than enough to fulfill me -- physically and emotionally. Sure, if my husband had a huge, thick penis we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d still feel sexually satisfied and desirable and our relationship wouldn’t be so strained. But, ultimately, this wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t the one who had changed -- it was me and I was slowly losing myself. 

Was I was afraid he would cheat? No - he’s not the unfaithful type. But I did think to myself, that sooner or later we had to do something to regain that chemistry we once had. While I’ve fantasized about bringing a third person into the bedroom (haven’t we all?), it wasn’t really an option. I was raised to believe that marriage is a sacred union between two people -- not three or more.

Feeling defeated, I took to the internet again, but this time instead of looking for ways to make my vagina tighter, I researched adult toys I thought might help. I searched for everything from dick sleeves and cock sleeves to penis extenders and dick enhancers. The problem was, every product I found focused on length. I was looking for a girth enhancement product that would help me feel fulfilled (literally) and satisfied while breathing new life into our sex life

I’m not normally one to talk openly about my sex life with friends. I think what happens between a woman and her husband behind closed doors should stay there. It’s no one’s business. I was surprised when help came in the most unlikely of places.

Following one of my son’s hockey games, my husband and I headed back to the home of another couple, DJ and Scarlett. They had two sons who played on the team and were hosting a small after-party so the kids could play and the parents could unwind. After one of the games and many glasses of wine, DJ and Scarlett started talking about a new product they were developing. I tried to discretely listen to what they were saying. It was impossible to ignore their excitement. They were talking about a girth enhancement pleasure sleeve! I couldn’t believe my ears -- it sounded exactly like what I’d been searching for. I didn’t have the nerve to ask them right then and there everything that was running through my mind. I wanted to jump off the couch and beg them for one of their products but I was too embarrassed. Instead, I asked another of the women who were there that night to ask for me. 

I couldn’t believe it when she showed up at my house a few days later with a prototype of the Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve. After holding it in my hand (although I could barely get my hand around it), I just knew at that moment that this product was about to transform my sex life. And I was right. My husband and I tried it that night and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! The pleasure sleeve dramatically improved sex for both of us. We finally rediscovered the connection we’d been missing for years. Nothing says chemistry like a mutual orgasm.

When I heard that DJ and Scarlett were bringing their product to market, I felt I owed it to them to share my story. It was clear after using it for the first time that the pleasure sleeve was created and designed by a real couple, backed by years of research and several prototypes. I felt safe and comfortable using high-quality silicone. The Happy Wife image embodies DJ and Scarlett perfectly. They’re a real couple looking for ways to improve the sex lives of other couples everywhere -- the same way they did mine. 

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