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Approximately 45% of all men wish they had a bigger penis. Whether it’s about ego and pride or about pleasing their partners, there’s no denying that what a man’s packing matters. The average penis size in America is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches in length and about 4.5 inches in girth. And while this is usually enough to get the job done (i.e. get their partners off), some men (and women) simply want more.

This desire for a larger, thicker penis has led to the creation of various penis products all promising to achieve increased length, girth, and pleasure. The three most common terms are penis sleeves, penis sheaths, cock sleeves, girth enhancement sleeves, and penis extenders. Although these products have similar features, there are some slight differences you should know about before sliding one on and sliding into your woman.

Keep reading for a closer look at the main features of these products, plus what makes a girth enhancement sleeve different. We’ll also share our top 10 picks for the biggest, best, and most affordable penis extenders and enhancers to help elevate your sex life and your confidence! 

So, hang onto your package, and let’s get into it.


What Are Penis & Cock Extenders/Sleeves/Sheaths?


Penis extenders, also commonly referred to as penis sleeves or sheaths, are all designed with the same main objective in mind – to give your member a little “boost”. The difference is that penis extenders normally focus on length, promising to add several impressive inches of length, while some sleeves and sheaths provide more length than girth and come with other features like ribbing and texture for added stimulation. 

In most cases, the terms penis sleeve, penis extender, and penis sheath are all used interchangeably. Most penis extenders and sleeves come in a variety of textures, colors, materials, and sizes. While most are soft, flexible, and lifelike, hollow strap-ons tend to be more stiff, rigid, and more commonly used by men with ED. These features offer plenty of variety and options for both the wearer and their partner.


Penis Sleeve and Extender Sizing and Designs


Some sleeves and extenders even have textured inner channels for added stimulation. Be sure to check the product’s sizing charts or guides to find a sleeve that fits both your needs and body type. With a wide variety of sizes, the shallowest internal channel of extenders typically measures around 4 inches, and the deepest is around 7.5 inches of internal sleeve length. While some designs have no ball strap and work off of suction, others offer a flexible ball strap that secures below the testicles which can act similar to a cock ring. Hollow strap-ons are worn with a harness. 

But added pleasure isn’t the only benefit of these penis-enhancing products. These designs are also known to reduce sensation, typically resulting in longer intercourse, increased stamina, and preventing premature ejaculation. If premature ejaculation isn’t an issue for you, be sure to look for a penis sleeve with an internal pleasure texture.


What Is a Girth Enhancement Sleeve?


While most penis sleeves and extenders focus on a combination of increased length with some added thickness, girth enhancement sleeves (also referred to as open-ended penis sleeves or sheaths), are designed with one goal in mind – to give you a thicker, more impressive pleasure tool. But, why is girth so important? 

Studies show that a thicker penis can provide greater clitoral stimulation and stretching of the vaginal opening offers a greater degree of contact causing more stimulation and increased pleasure. Not to mention, the female G-spot is located only a few inches inside the vagina, which means that for many ladies, a penis with more girth offers more pleasure than one with added length. 

Girth enhancement sleeves offer a variety of different benefits that other penis sleeves and extenders simply can’t achieve. For starters, the open-ended tip of a girth enhancement sleeve allows for added stimulation and pleasure for him. The head of the male penis is packed with sensitive nerve endings that increase arousal and sexual satisfaction. The open-ended design of a girth enhancement sleeve lets the man enjoy as much stimulation as his partner. 

In terms of size, most girth enhancement sleeves are designed for men with a penis that is 5 inches or greater in length. When erect, the sleeve slides over the shaft. A proper fitment should leave the head of the penis exposed allowing for maximum sensation for both parties. The fact that both partners can enjoy the pleasure provided by a girth enhancement sleeve means an increased likelihood of mutual orgasms. There’s nothing as intimate or exciting as achieving climax simultaneously with your partner. Mutual orgasms can help a couple create a stronger physical connection and enhanced intimacy. 

At the end of the day, if you’re average length or more, an open-ended girth enhancement sleeve is where it’s at! 


The Top 10 Penis Extenders, Sleeves, and Sheaths to Try


Now that you have a better understanding of what makes a penis sleeve/extender/sheath and a girth enhancement sleeve different, let’s explore some of the best-selling products that fit every penis size, sexual preference, and budget. From large and in-charge extenders to strap-ons and vibrating and girth enhancement sleeves, there’s something for everyone on this naughty list.


Best Girth Enhancement Sleeves


1. The Happy Wife Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve

The Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve combines all of the best features of your favorite penis sleeves into one revolutionary design to deliver a product like nothing else currently on the market. Our Girth Enhancement Sleeve provides a 50% girth increase for men of all sizes with a semi-custom fit to ensure uninterrupted pleasure for both partners. The #1 focus in the design of the Happy Wife Pleasure Sleeve was maximum comfort for the wearer and ultimate pleasure for the receiver. 

The open head guarantees he feels every stroke, pump, and twitch as he drives his lover wild. The flexible strap of the Pleasure Sleeve fits comfortably and securely around the balls to help prevent slippage. The internal comfort channel provides a natural feel and a comfortable, secure fit. Now, have sex with confidence and experience stronger, more satisfying orgasms, knowing your partner is experiencing sexual bliss. The sleeve’s silky-smooth, Platinum silicone is just one reason why the Happy Wife Pleasure Sleeve is the USA’s #1 selling online girth enhancement sleeve. 


2. The Happy Wife Girth Enhancement Sleeve with Clit Stimulator 

One study revealed that nearly 40% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. It’s no secret that this pleasure button is the key to unlocking her hardest, most intense orgasms. If your partner enjoys a nice thick cock plus clit stimulation during intercourse, she’ll love the Happy Wife Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve with Clit Stimulator

This girth enhancement pleasure sleeve offers all the same amazing benefits and features of the original Pleasure Sleeve with an added, textured clit stimulator that’s ergonomically designed to target and titillate her most sensitive areas. With this sleeve, you can finally give your partner the added thickness she craves and the clit stimulation she needs to achieve heart-pumping orgasms time and again. 


3. Oxballs Invader 6.5-inch Cock Sheath and Girth Enhancer

Oxballs has done it again. If texture and girth are your thing and you want a cock sleeve that makes you feel powerful and masculine, the Invader is a clear choice. Available in onyx black and clear, when you slip inside this penis sleeve, you’ll instantly feel masculine, powerful, and capable of pleasing your partner for hours! Taking a slightly different approach than the Happy Wife, the Invader focuses less on comfort and more on overall reliability. 

This is the first open-ended cock sleeve from the name brand Oxballs and is designed to provide added girth, increasing in thickness with every notch. The shape of the sleeve becomes gradually wider as you move upward, getting fatter in the middle before slowly narrowing at the tip, allowing the wearer to feel sensations on the head of their penis while their partner goes wild over the thick shaft filling them up. And don’t forget about the textured interior channel which delivers extra stimulation for him! The slick, soft, and stretchy silicone/TPR blend only adds to the erotic experience. Men need to be at least 6 inches or greater in length to enjoy the benefits of the Oxballs cock sheath and girth enhancer. 


The Best Hybrid Sleeves for Girth and Length


1. Best Value - Be Shane Extension and Girth Enhancer

If you want to please your partner like a porn star, look no further than the Be Shane! Extension Girth Enhancer. Modeled after porn legend Shane Diesel’s impressive package, this 8-inch long sleeve comfortably conforms to your body, adding 2.3 inches of girth. The circumference of this sleeve measures 7.25 inches, guaranteeing your partner is stretched and pleasured to the max! Unlike some penis extenders that come equipped with a strap to hold the sleeve in place, this girth enhancer simply slips over the shaft and has an enclosed tip. While your partner will feel every ridge, vein, and detail as you pump in and out, your balls are the only part of your package that will enjoy skin-on-skin contact. 

2. Best All Around - Fat Boy Perfect Fit 

For some ladies, it’s all in the details. If your woman loves the extra stimulation of a ribbed or textured toy, she’ll love the lines and curves of the Perfect Fit Fat Boy Checker Plate penis sheath. Available in three sizes – 5.5”, 6.5”, and 7.5” – you can find the perfect sleeve to fit your body and its needs. With a name like “fat boy” it’s no surprise that this sleeve boasts an impressive .7” of added girth to your member, plus specially designed ribbing texture that delivers impressive intensity and extended pleasure. The comfortable and flexible scrotum loop fits your balls perfectly so you can thrust, pump, and grind with zero limitations. 

3. Biggest Overall - Oxballs Hulk 11-inch Cocksheath 

If you believe that bigger truly is better, then the Oxballs Hulk 11 Inch Penis Sheath Penis Enhancer is the perfect extender to fulfill all of your wettest and wildest dreams. The clear silicone design guarantees that neither partner misses a minute of the action. See and experience every thrust and gyration as you slide into this impressive, 11-inch sleeve. Prefer to keep things under wraps? No problem! The Oxballs Hulk is also available in black. 

Not for the faint of heart, this penis extender is one of the largest on the market, packing a jaw-dropping 9.5 inches of insertable length. With internal ribbing and a shaft that gradually increases in girth, both the wearer and receiver are in for the ride – and orgasm – of their lives!


The Best Penis Extenders for Length


1. Oxballs Muscle Ripped 9-inch Cock Sheath Extender

One reason some guys are hesitant to try a penis sleeve or extender is that it takes away from the look and feel of their natural anatomy. Well, with this clear Oxballs Muscle Ripped Cock Sheath Extender, guys won’t miss a single second of the action. The slim, clear design lets you see every glorious inch of your member as it goes to work inside your woman. (This sleeve is also available in black). With a slim, sleek design and 9 inches of impressive length, this extender is guaranteed to deliver a long, strong, and powerful punch. This cock sheath is designed to add only a little girth but A LOT of inches. It’s not too big but not too small. Basically, Goldilocks would be pleased – multiple times!

2. Oxballs Dicker Ultra-Slim 7.5 Inch Cock Sheath

DICKER cocksheath is small but so rubbery-stretchy that it does what you need: adds 1-1.5 inches to your length…and just enough more to your girth. The Slim-fitter is just right if you want to be bigger…not too big.

The fit slides onto you like a glove, and the suede-like silicone finish is our softest Plus+SILICONE blend with a lush warm feel so fleshy it feels like it’s all your dick, just a bit larger.


The Best Hollow Strap-Ons for Couples


1. Adam and Eve Soft Hollow 6-inch Silicone Cock Sleeve

The basic design and versatility of this cock sleeve strap-on make it a fan favorite. If you’re comfortable with using a strap-on and your partner isn’t obsessed with size, this petite 6-inch strap-on might be the perfect fit – literally! The hollow design lets you easily and comfortably slide inside (unless you’re larger than 6 inches when fully erect), secure the harness to your hips, and go to town! The luxurious silicone and FlexSkin shaft stretches and bends to accommodate most men and create an authentic experience for anyone on the receiving end. 

2. Fetish Fantasy 7-inch Extreme Silicone Hollow Strap-On

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Hollow Strap-On is perfect for anyone ready to stretch their limits and bodies. Not only is the sleek black medical-grade silicone body-safe and hypoallergenic but it’s expertly crafted and sculpted to deliver targeted, long-lasting pleasure for both partners. The Elite silicone fits like a glove, conforming to every inch and curve of your unique shape while also warming to match your body. With 7 impressive inches of thrusting power, detailed veins along the shaft, and a realistic tip, this hollow strap-on will breathe new life and endless possibilities into the bedroom.


Best Vibrating Penis Sleeve


Fantasy X-tensions Elite 9-inch Vibrating Sleeve

This penis sleeve does it all. Not only does it provide impressive length and girth but it comes with a 3-inch plug for a better fit and a wireless remote to control the built-in vibrating bullet. Your partner won’t know which sensation to focus on first! The realistic shaft is smooth, long, and strong with visible veins and other details that create a more authentic experience. The 3-inch plug can be placed at the end of the sleeve to accommodate average-sized penises. Hand the remote control over to your partner and let them control the speed and the intensity of the sheath’s vibrations which, once inserted, will course through both your bodies for an epic and erotic experience. 


Extend Your Pleasure and Orgasms with These Penis Extenders, Sleeves, and Sheaths


Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life, boost your confidence, or increase intimacy, these penis sleeves, extenders, sheaths, and girth enhancers can give you an inch (or a few) in the right direction. With added girth, length, and stimulation, these products enhance sex for both the wearer and the recipient.

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