Kegel - The Happy Wife™

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Did you know that every time you have an orgasm, your muscles tighten and expand? That's right - climaxing doubles as exercise, keeping your muscles tight and sensitive. Kegel exercises aren't the only way to work those oh-so-important muscles. Try a vibrator, dildo, or one of our Pleasure Sleeves to help stretch your vaginal walls. 

The inside of your body isn't the only thing that needs a workout. Our line of pumps and sex enhancement products help increase circulation and pleasure to your nether regions. Penis pumps are fairly well-known and give men a much-needed boost in the package department, but what about pussy and clitoral pumps? These amazing tools help you achieve stronger, long orgasms thanks to heightened sensitivity.  Most pumps are automatic, like this one, making them easy and fun to use. Once you achieve the perfect seal, your hands are free to roam and explore your other erogenous zones - or your partners!