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Are you new to the world of anal play and stimulation? If you're not quite ready for full penetration, no worries! We have plenty of beginner anal toys for you to enjoy. Butt plugs and tails are a playful way to ease into your backdoor. If you're open to the idea of "just the tip" (of a finger or toy), butt plugs are a perfect choice. Narrow at the tip, tapered in the middle, and flared at the end (to avoid getting lost inside), you can simply lay back, relax, and let your body do the work. With a little lube and lots of breathing, your sphincter muscle will eventually pull the butt plug into place and secure it there for hands-free fun.

Tails are a fun and playful option for the ladies. Choose from a variety of styles like a colorful unicorn, adorable bunny, or feisty fox. This one even vibrates! Add a little bling to your life with one of these Pretty Plugs.

Anal beads are another great way to work your way up the ranks of anal pleasure and penetration. These long, flexible toys have beads of various sizes along the shaft. Start small and slowly upgrade to wider, bigger sections. You can also experiment with the speed and intensity of how slowly or quickly you insert and remove them. Anal beads are versatile for both beginners and anal experts. 

Guys - one you graduate to full penetration, you can explore the fascinating and satisfying world of prostate play and pegging