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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves - 50% Girth Increase - 4 & 5 Inch (Medium)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves - 50% Girth Increase - 4 & 5 Inch (Medium)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves w/Clit Stimulator/Grind Pad - 50% Girth Increase - 4 & 5 Inch  (Medium)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves w/Clit Stimulator/Grind Pad - 50% Girth Increase - 4 & 5 Inch (Medium)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves - 50% Girth Increase - 4, 5, 6 Inch (Large)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves - 50% Girth Increase - 4, 5, 6 Inch (Large)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves w/Clit Stimulator/Grind Pad - 50% Girth Increase - 4, 5, 6 Inch  (Large)
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Pleasure Sleeves - Open-Ended Penis Sleeves w/Clit Stimulator/Grind Pad - 50% Girth Increase - 4, 5, 6 Inch (Large)
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"The pleasure sleeve is hands down the best sleeve I've ever used. My wife came twice the first night, I also bought the large and stacked it, she absolutely loves the stretch, I can't stop her from soaking the sheets." 

                                                         Dean & Erika

America's #1 Selling Open Ended Penis Sleeve "Pleasure Sleeves" Made With Platinum Silicone

Discreet Packaging, Shipped From The USA 🇺🇲

*Fact 85% of woman claim having more orgasms during sex with a partner that had a larger girth penis. 

*Fact 40% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm.

Our Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeves are designed to build confidence in men and maximize pleasure for women. The body-safe, soft touch Platinum Silicone sleeve provides men with a 50% girth increase which intensifies pleasure during sex, result?  More female and mutual orgasms!

The Pleasure Sleeves open-ended design allows for an exposed head where over 4000 nerve endings are found. This unique design keeps the moment feeling natural, allowing both partners to enjoy orgasms in harmony 💦💦💦. 

The flexible ball strap assists in preventing slippage & securing the sleeve in place.

The Happy Wife™ are the original designers of the patent pending, open-ended girth enhancement "Pleasure Sleeves" & "Pleasure Sleeves With Clit Stilumator." So if your looking to fill that... or something new for the bedside table, our Penis Sleeves are a must own!

Have an expensive dildo or vibrator that you want to improve without replacing? Just slip a Pleasure Sleeve over your favorite toy and enjoy a completely new, mindblowing experience!

"The Invention!"


The Pleasure Sleeve was spawned from the mind, love, and passion of an average married couple seeking an above-average sex life, Scarlett & DJ. Designed to improve the sex lives of millions and offer men a 50% girth increase, couples can now experience more mutual orgasms and a deeper connection during intimacy then ever before. Sex isn’t just about physical satisfaction (although that’s something to be celebrated). It’s about greater intimacy and a deeper connection. The Pleasure Sleeve is designed with both partner’s comfort and pleasure in mind. It’s also like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before.

Are you ready to learn more about a revolutionary product that will transform your sex life? Hold on and get ready for the ride of your life!

"The Idea Was Born"


After countless disappointing experiences with average penis sleeves, couple Scarlett & DJ decided they would design something bigger and better!

The couples first goal was to create a sleeve that added size where it mattered most -- to the circumference/girth of the penis. What many people don’t realize is that most of a female’s pleasure comes from the girth of her man’s member, not the length. In fact, penises that are too long can actually cause discomfort for some women. The vagina is only so deep, but most of the nerve endings are located just inches inside the opening. 

Armed with this information, Scarlett & DJ decided to create a revolutionary product like nothing they’d ever seen, purchased, or tried. And so, the first Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve was born. 


"Not Your Average Sleeve"


If you’ve tried other penis sleeves in the past, you may think they’re all the same. And you’d be right. Every other penis sleeve is pretty much designed the same way and created using the same subpar materials and features. Before we divulge the secret behind what makes the Original Girth Enhancement Sleeve truly unique, let’s size up the competition (literally). 


"Traditional Sleeve Design"


The average penis sleeve is designed with two distinct features that aren’t exactly functional -- the length and the enclosed head. We already mentioned that when it comes to penis size, girth is more important than length. Unfortunately, most penis sleeve manufacturers didn’t get the memo. They’ve created oversized sleeves that don’t take a woman’s anatomy into consideration. 

Speaking of anatomy, men don’t get much out of a typical penis sleeve either. The enclosed head completely isolates the most sensitive part of the penis. The tip of a guy’s member is where 80% of his sensitivity and satisfaction come from (literally). With a closed-off end, most penis sleeves make it impossible for men to maintain an erection. They also miss out on the grand finale when their load has nowhere to go. 


"Our Sleeve Material"


Silicone is one of the most popular materials used in making realistic sex toys. Sadly, most penis sleeves and extenders are made of low-quality materials.  These materials don’t feel or look authentic, making it difficult to get into the moment and stay there. It can also be difficult to clean these materials, resulting in deterioration and the need to replace your sleeves often.


"The Sexy Look"


Visual stimulation and excitement play a big role in sexual satisfaction. If you’re not visually turned on, chances are, you won’t get wet, get hard, or achieve orgasm. The overall look of most sex sleeves leaves a lot to be desired. Most lack realistic detail or color. Nothing kills the mood faster than feeling silly or embarrassed in the bedroom. 


"A Revolutionary Product"


Now that you know what NOT to look for in a penis sleeve, you can understand Scarlett & DJ desire to create something completely unique and revolutionary. The aspiring couple took each individual feature of a traditional penis sleeve and improved on it.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Original Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve unlike any other penis sleeve on the market. 


"Detailed Design"


One area where The Happy Wife™ brand focused most of its attention was on the detailed patent-pending design of the Pleasure Sleeve. They wanted to create a product that would enhance the sex lives of millions without compromising comfort, sexual desire, or satisfaction. Designed to cover only the shaft of the penis, the man’s head is left exposed for maximum pleasure and uninhibited release. This helps keep the moment feeling natural and allows him to enjoy every stroke and sensation. 

A flexible, silicone ball strap helps prevent slippage and keep the sleeve securely in place -- no matter how wild and crazy you get! It took countless trials to find the right elasticity for a strap that accommodates most men. The one-of-a-kind urethra channel inside the sleeve promotes natural blood flow, circulation, and semen release. The only way men even realize they’re wearing an enhancement sleeve during sex is by the look of pure pleasure on their wife’s face!

Speaking of her pleasure, Scarlett & DJ took things one step further by designing a second model -- the Pleasure Sleeve w/Clit Stimulator. This model offers the same impressive 50% girth increase for him along with a specially designed, flexible, clit stimulator for her. Ladies, if you enjoy dual stimulation or need both clit stim and vaginal penetration to climax, this Pleasure Sleeve is your wet dream come true!


"Body-Safe, Platinum Silicone"


Another reason why the Original Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve feels and looks more realistic than other penis sleeves is thanks to the soft-touch silicone. The Happy Wife went to great lengths to source a high-quality, FDA approved medical-grade Platinum Silicone that feels and looks like real human skin. The Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve is available in authentic flesh tones as well as a fun and playful purple design. All of our Pleasure Sleeves have the same intricate detail and flexibility for comfortable, inhibited play and pleasure.

Similar to regular silicone (but better), the soft-silicone Pleasure Sleeve is easy to use and clean. Invest in water-based lubricant and toy cleaner to keep your Pleasure Sleeve looking and feeling as good as it did the day it arrived. Silicone products and silicone sex toys don’t mix. Only use water-based toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water to safely clean and rinse your sleeve. Be sure to clean the inside of the sleeve as well and let it air dry. Store your Pleasure Sleeve in a cool, dry place away from your other toys. When stored in close proximity, silicone toys can chemically react with one another, causing damage and deterioration. Keep your sex toys separate in their own, individual bags if possible.  

Safety is of utmost importance at The Happy Wife™, which is why all of our Pleasure Sleeves are manufactured under strict guidelines. This guarantees the quality and design of every single sleeve we deliver. 


"Specialized Fit"


We know that not all penises are created equal. Some are shorter, longer, fatter, and skinnier than others. It’s no surprise that 45% of men are unhappy with the size of their penis. Remember guys, it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it! But that doesn’t mean you don’t want a little boost between your legs that’ll stretch your girl out like never before. 

Thanks to the realistic design and comfortable fit, men won’t feel intimidated or embarrassed using the Please Sleeve. In fact, most men report an instant confidence boost. Not only does your dick look (and function) bigger and better than before but you’ll feel like the true Alpha man you are.

Our Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeves are available in three lengths and two girth sizes that cater to men of all shapes and sizes. In fact, our selection delivers a semi-custom fit to accommodate 90% of the male population. 


"Condom Friendly"


As if the revolutionary design of the Pleasure Sleeve wasn’t enough, there are a few more notable features to consider. 

We’re all about safe sex here at The Happy Wife™, which is why all of our Pleasure Sleeves are condom-friendly. That’s right, after you slip on the Pleasure Sleeve you can slip on a condom for worry-free sex. 


"Sex Toy Upgrade"


Ladies, you don’t have to wait for your man to enjoy all that the Pleasure Sleeve has to offer. The flexible body-safe silicone easily fits on your favorite sex toys, including vibrators and dildos! Give your favorite toy an instant upgrade by pairing it with your Pleasure Sleeve. 

Unlike any other product, both Pleasure Sleeve models have proven sexual trigger words built right in. The words "Cum for me” and “Cum here” are beautifully written on the sleeves like a naughty little secret that increases intimacy and excitement. 


"Fantasy To Reality"


Our Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeves allows you to not only experience more intense mutual orgasms and a major confidence boost, but also a deeper connection with your partner. A lively, passionate sex life is a vital part of any healthy relationship. 

Guys, does your woman fantasize about a big, thick...? Do you want to keep her happy and satisfied without undergoing invasive procedures or taking medication?

The Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve delivers a 50% girth increase so you can deliver the fulfilling pleasure your wife’s been fantasizing about. She’ll look at you (and orgasm for you) in ways she never has before -- leading to a deeper, more meaningful connection. 

Think you’re alone in wanting a little more from your sex life? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, 52% of married couples wish they were having more sex. The good news is, 70% of people admit to owning and using sex toys, with 3 out of every 4 Americans owning at least one dildo. That means the majority of the population is open to experimenting with toys in the bedroom - sweet! Guys, 44% of women admit that a thicker dick turns them on and another 37% need clitoral stimulation to climax. Our Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve will help you give your woman what she craves, resulting in more action and fun for both of you!


"The Pleasure Sleeve is Making Its Mark in the Adult Industry"


The Happy Wife brand is proud to announce it is the #1 Selling Open Ended Penis Sleeve on Amazon USA. Our sleeves are recognized for their innovation and palatable design. Although the Pleasure Sleeve is a luxury product made of high-quality Platinum Silicone, it’s designed for average people like you and me who are looking to improve their sex lives, boost confidence, and enjoy more intense, mutual orgasms.


"The Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve Delivers an Impressive Girth Increase and So Much More"


As you’ve probably realized, the Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve is not your average penis sleeve. Designed with both partners’ pleasure in mind, our line of Pleasure sleeves cater to both his and her needs and desires.

So what are you waiting for? Try one of our revolutionary products today and get ready to transform your sex life!

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