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Did you know that 45% of men worldwide aren unsatisfied with their penis size? Men, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt insecure with what you were packing, know you’re not alone. For many men, penis size is often equated with masculinity. Some even go as far as to claim it defines who they are. We certainly understand how when a man doesn’t feel confident about his penis size, it can negatively impact his entire life -- from his ability to perform in the bedroom to his self-confidence which can seriously affect his role as a women's dominant partner in the relationship. 

But before considering opting for risky surgery or potentially harmful medication, let’s talk about some pleasure-focused, non-surgical options to enhance intimacy and confidence in the bedroom, also known as...the penis sleeve. 

Okay, So What is a Penis Sleeve? 

Great question! The truth is, they come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and designs but all share the same basic goal -- to increase the size of your penis and boost your bedroom performance. Penis sleeves go by many different names like cock sleeve, penis extender, penis sheath, and even penis stretcher. Few sleeves (if any) focus on girth, while a majority of available designs are focused on length. 

How do you use it? Easy -- a penis sleeve slides over an erect penis. Some people describe it as a wearable dildo. With all good intentions, men use penis sleeves to try and please their women. The problem is, traditional penis sheaths leave a lot to be desired in terms of connection and intimacy. There’s also minimal stimulation for the guy. Remember, it takes two to tango. Traditional penis sleeves are also generally produced as low- quality novelty products. 

Could you imagine...expecting chemisty or a connection while using one? Might as well use a strap-on and sip a drink while fucking. Well Scarlett & DJ thought the same thing and that's how the Open Ended Girth Enhancement Sleeve was born, now finally a sleeve worth getting excited about!

Should I go for the Traditional Penis Sleeve? 

The answer is...well, no!

But first, why do so many eager women buy a poorly made sleeve that promises to double or even triple their man’s penis? For starters, most women agree that a bigger penis equals more intense orgasms. Not only that, but the mere sight of a larger, fatter penis is a visual turn on for most women. 

Sex with a generic penis sleeve is supposed to be a new and thrilling experience for both partners, but its design is generally focused on the woman without understanding their actual needs. Wives might enjoy the sensation of a larger penis, but she may also feel disconnected by the fact that it feels unfamiliar to her husband’s tool. 

The problem is, most (if not all) penis sleeves don’t take into consideration that a longer penis doesn’t always make for better sex. In fact, when a man’s dick is too long, it can actually cause discomfort for women. The good news is, a woman’s vagina is designed to stretch, which means she can comfortably enjoy added girth and pleasure when using the right penis sleeve. 

A well-made, well-designed cock sleeve can strengthen more than just your orgasm. When used as part of a healthy sex life, they can also help improve intimacy. That’s right! A stronger erection leads to a stronger connection -- both in and outside the bedroom. 

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Is it past the honeymoon stage? Or is your sex life entering the comfortable stage where you’re more willing to open up and try new things? This is totally normal for married couples and those in long-term, monogamous relationships. 

Connecting sexually with your partner can be important to the overall intimacy of your relationship (and also, let’s face it! What a fun way to spend time with your significant other). 

In fact, 51% of couples wish they had more sex. Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is an easy, unintimidating way to reignite the passion in your relationship. Couples who are comfortable with one another (and themselves) and enjoy sex at least once a week report having increased intimacy and reduced stress. 

GIRTH is What You Need! 

So now that you leaving those traditional cock sleeves on the store shelves that are just focused on length and made of .... and don’t care about your pleasure or sexual health. Let’s let you in on a little secret: girth is where it’s at! 

Fact: the average male penis is 5.5 inches long when fully erect, which is MORE than enough to please a woman. The female G-spot (also known as the Holy Grail of a woman’s pleasure center) is located just under 3 inches inside the vaginal opening. There’s no need to use a penis extender -- what men really need is a thick penis that will help them fulfill their wife’s fantasies while also filling her up! 

So when looking for a sex toy that cultivates intimacy between you and your partner, look no further than this revolutionary new penis sleeve we like to call The Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve. 

Why a Pleasure Sleeve? This is Why... 

Designed by The Happy Wife’s real-life husband and wife team, Scarlett and DJ, the Pleasure Sleeve is made of high-quality, silicone that is 100% body-safe and resembles the appearance and texture of a real penis. This revolutionary Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve is designed to build confidence and maximize pleasure for both husband AND wife during sex. 

Men will experience a 50% girth increase and more intense mutual orgasms. The flexible, non- slip strap at the base of the sheath fits comfortably around the testicles so you can be sure it stays in place regardless of how wild and crazy you get, also allowing for natural semen flow right into you partner's... we'll you get the picture. 

Fun fact: with over 4,000 nerve endings, the head of the penis is actually the most sensitive part of a man’s genitalia. Designed with both the wearer and wearer in mind, the Pleasure Sleeve leaves the head of the penis exposed, allowing the man to still be sexually stimulated while thrusting. also allowing for natural semen flow right into you partner's... we'll you get the picture. Finally for the first time ever! Both partners can fully enjoy more intense orgasms along with a more intense connection. 

The Pleasure Sleeve is also condom-friendly for safe, worry-free sex! 


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