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When it comes to sex, the wetter, the better. Natural lubricant produced by the female body makes sexual intercourse, foreplay, and masturbation more comfortable and enjoyable. Because every woman’s body is unique and beautiful, it’s not uncommon for some ladies to get wetter than others. 

Each woman’s body also reacts differently when they reach climax. Some ladies cry out in wild abandon, grip the sheets, or arch their backs, while others enjoy a silent orgasm paired with uncontrollable leg shaking. Every orgasm is an epic experience that deserves to be celebrated. 

Lots of other things happen when a female orgasms, too. The muscles inside both the vagina and anus will contract roughly once per second. Some ladies orgasm for 5 to 10 seconds, while others may experience longer, deeper orgasms lasting for up to a minute! 

Another phenomenon that occurs in some women is female ejaculation – more commonly referred to as squirting. When this happens, a steady stream of liquid may “squirt” or shoot out of the vagina. It can be a lot or a little. Go far or barely be noticeable. It all depends on the person and the circumstances. And for some ladies, it doesn’t happen at all.

There’s plenty of debate surrounding the concept of squirting. Is it real? Can every woman experience it? Can you make yourself squirt, and if so, how is it done?

Don’t worry! We’re here to answer all of your burning questions about squirting, plus we offer an in-depth guide on how to make it happen, whether it’s alone with your favorite vibrator or together with your significant other.

In this three-part series, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the best toys for squirting, plus tips on how to use them and the best positions for unlocking the floodgates and experiencing a wetter, better orgasm. 

So, grab some towels and your favorite toy, and let’s explore the wet and wild world of squirting!

Is Squirting a Real Thing?

The short answer is yes. Squirting – or female ejaculation – is a real thing that many women experience. However, it doesn’t often resemble what the porn industry depicts as gallons of water flooding or shooting out from between a woman’s legs. While some women get wetter and more excited than others and may even ejaculate in larger quantities, it rarely resembles these epic events that leave most men drooling and determined to reenact.

Squirting is used to describe the expulsion of fluid from the vagina. This can occur during, before, or after an orgasm. The fluid itself comes from the Skene’s gland, and some may also originate from the bladder. With that being said, NO, squirting is not the same thing as urinating. While some females may expel small amounts of urine during an uncontrollable orgasm, squirting is not the same thing as peeing. There have been countless studies done on exactly what squirting is, what causes it, and what the mysterious liquid is made of. Click here for a scientific analysis and explanation of the differences.

Can I Squirt?

Now that you know that squirting isn’t a myth generated by the porn industry, you’re probably wondering if you can do it. Some people claim that not all women are capable of squirting, while most men would love to believe this isn’t true and believe they’ll find the hidden button that opens their woman’s floodgates like Niagara Falls. 

Even experts are torn on the topic, with some claiming anyone with a vagina can squirt. Others rely heavily on the belief that squirting comes down to the size and location of a woman’s Skene’s gland – the major source of squirting. 

But, if you harness the belief that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you want to embark on a mission to make yourself squirt, squirt with your lover, or you’re a man dying to make his woman gush, keep reading!

How to Make Yourself Squirt: 5 Expert Tips

Let’s start with self-love. There’s no better way to get to know your body on a more intimate level than by masturbating. Studies show that women who masturbate have less stress, stronger pelvic floors, a healthier heart, and better sleep patterns. Even if you plan to share your squirting journey with your significant other, it’s best to start with self-exploration.

Here are 5 expert tips on how to make yourself squirt.

1. Relax

This is the number one rule for any sexual adventure. If you’re not relaxed and enjoying yourself, what’s the point? But, more importantly, if you’re not relaxed, your vagina won’t get as wet as it needs to. You want your body primed and ready for the floodgates to open. You know what relaxes you best. Maybe it’s a soothing bath, a nice massage, a hot shower, or reading some erotica. Do whatever helps get you in the mood and into a state of complete relaxation.

2. Choose the Right Toy

Vibrators, dildos, and clit stimulators, oh my! There are endless sex toys on the market, all designed to bring ultimate pleasure in different ways. From G-Spot vibrators that target your hidden love button to fashionable butt plugs and vibrating cock rings meant for mutual pleasure, you have plenty of toys and gadgets to choose from. Unlocking the secret to squirting looks different for everyone, so experiment with different toys and combinations of toys until you uncover the one that makes your pussy water – literally! 

3. Gather Other Supplies

When done correctly, there’s a high probability that squirting will saturate your sheets and anything else that gets in the direct line of fire. Lay down some towels or invest in waterproof bed sheets to protect your comforter, pillows, and blankets. You should also empty your bladder beforehand if the idea of peeing while squirting freaks you out (it does happen!). The last thing you want is to worry about making a mess. By laying the groundwork (literally), you can fully relax and focus on the task at hand – making yourself squirt and orgasm like never before. If you are using a toy, make sure it’s fully charged and you also have some lubricant on hand to keep you wet from start to finish. 

4. Focus on the G-Spot 

The G-Spot is another elusive location on the female body that not everyone can find. But, with enough practice and exploration, most women and couples can successfully locate and stimulate the G-Spot, bringing about some pretty amazing orgasms. While some women can squirt with just clitoral or external stimulation, some of the most powerful squirting encounters involve the G-Spot. 

According to some experts, the fluid that is expelled during squirting builds up in and near the G-Spot, helping create a more epic event. There are numerous vibrators and toys designed to target and stimulate the G-Spot, from wands and dildos to Rabbit Vibrators with specially designed “ears” and add-ons that tickle, press against, and even “milk” the G-Spot. Once you find the G-Spot and take time to spoil it silly, you should start to feel a tingling down your thighs and a build-up of pressure in your pelvis. Some women compare the build-up of a G-Spot orgasm and squirting to an overwhelming need to urinate. If you can, don’t fight the urge to relax, let go and allow your body’s instincts to take over. 

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Speaking of practice, anything in life worth having takes time, attention to detail, and hard work. If you want to squirt badly enough (or make your wife or partner squirt), it will take time and plenty of practice. Start by getting to know your body on a more intimate and scientific level. Knowing what muscles and body parts are involved in squirting increases the likelihood that you’ll make it happen.

The sphincter muscles (also known as PC muscles) play an important role in female ejaculation. As a woman, you’ve probably been told to “do your kegel exercises” to strengthen your vaginal wall, increase pleasure, and keep yourself tight. And while this is important, it’s the art of relaxing these same muscles that will help you squirt. It also has to do with muscle memory.

When you tighten your kegel muscles and then relax them, you can feel the release happening inside your body. Mastering this “release” is necessary for squirting. Kegel balls and other training kits can help you become more in tune with how your PC muscles work and how to tighten and release them on command or involuntarily. There are many different kegel balls and toys in various sizes and weights, all designed to strengthen the mind-body connection between you and the muscles that control your ability to squirt.

Toning up your PC muscles is a must if you want to saturate your sheets and experience the wettest, best orgasm there is!

Squirting for Her - The Top 3 Best Toys for Squirting Alone

Let’s kick this three-part series off with a guide for girls. This is for all of the queens and goddesses out there. When it comes to squirting, ladies know their bodies best. The more in tune you are with your anatomy and desires, the more likely you are to achieve a leg-shaking orgasm that leaves you breathless and your sheets saturated. 

Here are our top 3 picks of the best toys for squirting during solo play. 

1. The Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are the go-to sex toy for countless women – and for good reason! These ergonomically designed sex toys are made with a woman’s unique body and needs in mind. Rabbit vibrators are also the OG’s of the sex toy world and the first dual-action toy to offer both internal and external stimulation. (Something many women require to achieve orgasm.)

Most Rabbit vibrators come fully equipped with dual motors – one for the curved arm that delivers internal stimulation and another one to control the clit stimulator (aka the rabbit ears). With countless settings, patterns, speeds, and vibrations, Rabbit vibrators help create a unique experience based on the user’s body type, needs, and preferences. 

A Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator has all of the same amazing and effective features of a traditional Rabbit with one added (and very important) element – a curved tip designed to target the G-Spot. Since the G-Spot plays a crucial role in squirting, you’ll want to incorporate one of these powerful pussy pleasers into your collection.

Using a Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator like the Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Ultra Soft Rabbit to squirt takes some finesse and plenty of practice. Find a comfortable position that allows you to feel completely relaxed while also being able to reach all of your important parts. After all, you’re working solo here, so you’ll need to effectively use the Rabbit to target your G-Spot (which is located several inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall) and position the rabbit ears around your clit. Plus, your body needs to be completely at ease and not tense or strained. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to relax and release your PC muscles the way you should in order to squirt.

A few effective positions include lying flat on your back with a few pillows comfortably propped behind you, on your back with a pillow under your butt, on all fours, or on your belly with a pillow under your stomach. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different positions until you find the one that’s just right.

When you’re ready to start, get your toy and your body warmed up and lubricated. (If you’re using a silicone vibrator, use water-based lubricant.) Choose a vibration setting that is strong but not so strong that you become numb. Stimulating your G-Spot takes time and practice, so the last thing you want is to become oversensitized before you climax. You can choose to utilize the clit stimulator or focus all of your energy and attention on the curved vibrator pressed against your G-Spot. Once you locate it, try to relax and embrace the feeling. Utilize some of the tips listed above and be patient. Good things come to those who wait – pun intended. 

2. Clit Stimulator 

Packed with over 10,000 sensitive nerve endings, if you want to achieve a memorable orgasm and enter the wet and wild world of squirting, you need to pay special attention to the clitoris. This tiny part of the female anatomy holds big potential when learning how to squirt. For some ladies, the targeted, external stimulation provided by a clit stimulator is enough to achieve unmatched orgasms – multiple times.

Clit stimulators and vibrators are specifically designed to engulf, surround, or target the clitoris. Some feature several vibration settings, patterns, and pulses, while others mimic a “sucking” action that feels a lot like getting the best head of your life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of clit vibrators, speeds, patterns, and positions. Like Goldie Locks, it might take a few tries before finding the angle that’s “just right” for you. 

The Le Wand Discreet Deux Twin Motor clit vibrator is not only sleek and sexy, but it’s rechargeable, powerful, and our top pick for the best clit stimulator for squirting. Available in black and rose gold, this mini vibrator packs a big punch thanks to twin motors that stimulate the clitoris from all sides and angles. The easy-to-use controls let you focus more on the sensations and less on the mechanics of using the toy. With 15 vibration settings and 6 intensity levels, the Le Wand Deux offers sensation in stereo.

Start by finding a comfortable position and powering on the clit vibrator. Feel the flexible yet firm forks of the toy. The silky smooth silicone lets you glide the vibrator alongside the slippery surface of your clit, moving as quickly or as slowly as you want. Play with the different settings and speeds on your fingers first. Remember, your clit is super sensitive, and nothing kills the mood like a toy that goes too hard and too fast, too soon. Once you find a setting that feels good, gently place the two arms of the toy alongside your clit. Designed like headphones for your clit, the design of this Le Wand toy accommodates all body shapes and sizes. 

Begin with a slow and steady setting, slowly working up to one that’s more intense. Not all squirting orgasms require hard, fast, or vigorous movements. Some women’s bodies respond better to a prolonged build-up of pressure and pleasure. Be patient and let the Le Wand work its magic as you relinquish and then lose control of your senses and bodily functions. Squirting for her is all about relaxing, tuning in with your body, and embracing every sensation without reservations. 

3. The Killer Combo 

If you’ve spent any length of time researching “squirting for her” on Reddit, you know all about the killer combo. Similar to a Rabbit vibrator that delivers dual stimulation, some women prefer using two separate toys to send their bodies into overdrive and achieve deep, core-shaking orgasms. 

For experienced sex toy users, this is a walk in the park, but if you’re new to self-pleasure, using two toys at once might take some practice. Don’t get discouraged, though. The orgasm you’ll experience thanks to these two powerful toys is worth the wait – trust us! It’s also a winning combo for unlocking the floodgates and squirting for the first time. 

Piggybacking off the idea that most ladies need both internal and external stimulation to achieve the best orgasms and squirt, we recommend using a wand on your clit and an internal bullet or egg vibrator to tickle your insides. The best part about using an internal vibrator like the We Vibe Jive is that it offers hands-free fun. Once snuggly in place, you can control these eggs using a wireless remote. Find the perfect setting, lay back, and let the internal vibrator do the rest. 

As the We-Vibe Jive works its magic on every curve and angle of your inner body, you can focus your attention on the exterior. The Lelo Smart Wand combines a sleek and sexy ergonomic design with a powerful motor and cutting-edge technology to deliver just the right external stimulation you need to transport your body and mind into another realm of satisfaction (and squirting!) This luxurious and powerful wand vibrator comes equipped with SenseMotion technology, an extra-long handle, and a large, round head. As soon as the head of the wand makes contact with your body, it starts to vibrate harder and deeper, as if responding to your body’s silent cues and desires. Push buttons on the Smart Wand’s handle let you choose from 10 unique and functional positions.

Anytime you’re trying to squirt, relaxation and preparation are key. Find a comfortable place with plenty of room to work. Make sure both your We-Vibe and Lelo products are fully charged. Start by placing the We Vibe Jive egg inside your body so that it’s comfortable and securely in place. Choose your favorite setting and let the cordless, wireless egg go to work. Then, find a comfortable position for your Smart Wand. It might take some time, but once you find the right combination of settings, speeds, and positions for these two sexy and powerful toys, you’ll be well on your way to new levels of wild and wonderful wetness.

Next up in our three-part series is a guide to squirting for couples and our top 3 picks for unlocking unmatched orgasms that you can experience together with your significant other. Stay tuned for part 2 of the series, and until then, browse our inventory of luxury couples toys here


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