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The Happy Wife Owners 


Like many happily married couples in their 30s & 40's, Scarlett and DJ juggle their time between kids, work, relationships and evolving sex life. Scarlett loves to cook, entertain, stay active, and of course she looks forward to date night with a bottle of wine! 

Scarlett and DJ enjoy experimenting in their ever changing sex life but by 2016 they found themselves continually disappointed by the subpar sex toys they had purchased from the big 3 online sex toy companies. The selection and sales they offered seemed amazing, that was until they got the products. 

One morning they were talking about what each enjoyed about their sex life's, and what they could do for more fun, Scarlett and DJ brainstormed a new product. The" Pleasure Sleeve", the sleeve  was designed to improve intimacy, increase mutual orgasms, and fulfill the physical needs of couples. 


The Pleasure Sleeve was born! 


The completely unique original design of their Girth Enhancement Pleasure Sleeve not only increases girth by 50% but boosts male confidence and keeps wives coming back for more (literally). Its revolutionary design intensifies both mutual orgasms and the connection between you and your partner. 

In 2016, Scarlett and DJ created a prototype that far exceeded their expectations. Passionate about their product and on a mission to create a high-quality penis girth enhancement sleeve that actually delivers results, the adventurous couple took to the bedroom. After getting little to no sleep that first night and performing many, many test runs, Scarlett and DJ were convinced they had a product worth getting excited about.

After developing their second prototype in 2018, the couple was eager to share their awesome new product with the world but opted to introduce it to a few close friends first. After a few drinks at a get together with some friends, the eager couple unveiled of The Happy Wife™ company and the "Pleasure Sleeve" to the couples. Scarlett and DJ gifted a sleeve to each of the excited couples to take back to their bedrooms. Needless to say, the feedback about the product was...orgasmic!


Pleasure Sleeves In Production


Since 2020 the Pleasure Sleeve have been is mass production. The Happy Wife is trademarked, there's multiple Pleasure Sleeve designs with patents pending and improving the sex lives of couples from all walks of life. Whether you’re newly married, married with kids or simply looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, this open ended penis sleeve will increase pleasure and connections between all couples.  

Scarlett and DJ stand behind their product and have spent years updating and perfecting its design to guarantee a snug, comfortable fit for men, and mind-blowing sexual experience for women -- every single time. Currently available in two distinct designs, you can enjoy the Original Pleasure Sleeve or the Pleasure Sleeve with Clit Stimulator. Made from high-quality, non toxic, soft touch Platinum Silicone, the Girth enhancement sleeves are designed as close as possible to resemble the feel and texture of a real penis. Invest in your relationship with The Happy Wife's Pleasure Sleeves because life’s full of pleasures (and yours should be too). 


Shopping On The Happy Wife 


Scarlett & DJ believe shopping should be fun!  The Happy Wife™ goal is to make your online shopping experience simple and exciting. When you make a private purchase with us it's kept a secret all the way to your front door. With Premium 1-3 day delivery options and free standard shipping over $59, they guarantee you'll join hundreds of thousands of others as a return, satisfied customer! A customer that also reaps the company's exclusive customer discount benefits! 




The Happy Wife™ is the only manufacturer and retailer of Pleasure Sleeves, The Original Girth Enhancement Sleeve and the Pleasure Store of choice for all your latest and greatest adult sex toys.




Scarlett & DJ have personally hand picked every product available on the website. The sex toys offered on The Happy Wife have either been tested by them personally, have a history of great reviews, and are middle to high end brands that meet our product safety standards and care about their reputation.

After years of networking, researching our competitors, The Happy Wife™ decided it was time to do something no one had done before. To carry quality, reputable products that customers can purchase without thinking twice about and enjoy a clean clear catalog not filled with an overwhelming list of cheap, underwhelming products.




We are a unique retailer of industry leading luxury products as well as the designer of The Happy Wife™ brand of intimate products, a company that practices a minimalist philosophy and sells exclusively online. Shopping for adult products should be simple, exciting and tickle the imagination with fantasy; and enhance the sex lives of couples and individuals globally, not drown the adventure through an intimidating selection of features and sizes.

Our products are a reflection of the prestige and elegance of the people who buy them and we look forward having your as one of our happy, satisfied customers!