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You Filthy Little...

Does the thought of dirty talk make your heart race, but not in the good way? For whatever reason, opening your mouth while opening your legs can be difficult for some people. Whether it’s a certain level of embarrassment or apprehension, speaking up between the sheets doesn’t always come easy (pun intended). 

We’re here to help! What you’ve heard is true - once you open the flood gates of dirty talk, not only will it be nearly impossible to close them, but you may even surprise yourself with the dirty, filthy, completely HOT things you have to say. We’ve compiled a list of naughty phrases and commands you can use to seduce and satisfy your partner. Starting off with mild dirty talk, we’ll end with some hardcore, raunchy phrases that’ll make you blush and gush just reading them. (You’re welcome). 

So hang onto your panties and let’s explore the world of dirty talk for couples from soft to hard (which is exactly how it should be!) Hardcore ones best used in the heat of the moment.


If we weren’t here, in (insert public place) right now, you’d have absolutely no chance of keeping your clothes on.

That feels amazing baby. (M)(F)

I want you right now. (M)(F) 

You get me so hot/hard. (M)(F)

Do you think I have panties on right now?

Come sit on my lap.

I get so turned on just thinking about the last time we had sex/fucked. (M)(F)

Just wait till we get home…(M)(F) 

What are you doing after work? I want your cock.

You love it when I do you like that! (M)(F)

Just wait till I’m alone with you. (M)(F)

Damn, you smell good enough to eat. (M)

Just lie back and let me take care of you. (M)(F)

I’m going to give you the best oral sex you’ve ever had. (M)(F)

I can’t wait to have you inside me./I can’t wait to be inside you. (M)(F)

I just want to make your whole face wet with my juices. (F)

I’m getting so turned on/wet/hard. (M)(F)

I want you to slowly kiss me from my lips, down my neck, onto my breasts, and all the way down my body.

You look so fucking good! I can’t wait to get you home.

 I want to swallow you/your...

You look so beautiful/handsome/gorgeous/manly right now. (M)(F)

I just want to be used by you tonight. Can I be your personal toy? (F)

Guess what I’m wearing under this. (F)

If you keep looking at me that way, I’m not responsible for what happens to your cock.

What do you feel like doing to me? (M)(F)

I want to tie you up later and have my way with you. (M)(F)

I love how your hands feel on me. (M)(F)

Feeling you on top of me and in control is the hottest thing ever! (M)(F)

I love it when you talk to me like that. (M)(F)

I was thinking about you last night before I went to sleep. (M)(F)

I love it when you push it in. (F)

I love how it feels pushing it in. (M)

I love how you look at me when we’re together; it’s so hot! (M)(F)

Ughhh… I love your body so much. (M)(F)

I love how you look at me when you’re turned on. (M)(F)

Mmm… I can tell that you’re having fun. (M)(F)

You feel so good inside of me, baby.

I want you to tease me until I can’t take it any longer.

I could spend all day between your legs. (M)

I can’t wait to taste you on my lips.  (M)(F)


When you pull my hair, it makes me want to cum.

I love it when I can squeeze my pussy around your cock.

Just lie back and let me take care of business. (M)(F)

Don’t stop! 

I want you all the way inside me. Push it in deep.(F) 

I want you to cum for me. (M)(F)

I love feeling you in my hands! (F)

I love feeling my hand/fingers in you. (M)

Deeper/harder/faster. (F)

Your cock is so delicious.

I want you to cum all over me. 

Keeping going, keep going! (M)(F)

Right there!

I want you to cum inside of me. (F)

I love how you taste. (M)(F)

You’re going to forget your name after I’m done fucking you tonight. (M)(F)

Relax… just lie back and let me make you cum. (M)(F)

You dominating me is such a turn on. (M)(F)

 I want to dominate you tonight. (M)(F)

Your cock fits in me so perfectly.

I want you to take control of me. (M)(F)

You have a very talented mouth. (M)(F)

You have such a perfect cock… I love it so much. (F)

I never want you to stop, it feels so good.

You have such a perfect/gorgeous cock… I love it so much. (F)

(Taking her hand and putting it over her vagina) Show me how you touch yourself, baby… I want to see you surrendering into your deepest pleasure for me.

I want you to finish wherever you/daddy like(s). (F)

Mmm… I fucking love it when I ride you like this. (F)

Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you. (F)

Get on your knees, now. (M)

You look so fucking sexy right now. (M)(F)

Is this pussy yours? Are you going to take it? (F)

Ask for permission before you cum…I want to hear you beg for it. (M)(F)

You look like a sexy little angel with your lips wrapped around me like this. (M)

You are a good little slut, aren’t you? (M)

Pound my little pussy with your big cock daddy. 

I want you to be as loud as you can when you cum. (M)(F)

I’m going to drain every last ounce of cum out of you. (F)

Do whatever you want with me, daddy. 

I want you to fuck me in front of the mirror baby. (M)(F)

Tell me how much you love it when I fuck you/when you fuck me. (M)(F)


I want you like this all the time! You’re my new cum addiction. (F)

Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you. (M)(F)

Fuck me hard. (M)(F) 

This cock is all I need—and maybe some air.

I want you to fuck me until we wake up the neighbors. (M)(F)

I love being your fuck slut.

Your dick is so huge. It feels amazing in my wet...

Stand up and fuck me. (M)(F)

I’m in love with your dick.

Spit on my ass and push that cock in.

Yeah daddy, give me every last drop of your delicious cum.

Holy shit, I’m cumming. (M)(F)

What naughty little thing do you want me to do to you next? (F)

I love it when you push your hard cock into my pussy. 

You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. I’m going to be your sex slave. (F) 

You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. Your going to be my little sex slave. (M)

Use me like your little fuck toy.  (F)

Grab my hair and fuck me like the dirty little slut I am.

Who’s daddy’s little cum slut/fuck pig?

Yes, that’s what I like. That is so hot. Fuck me more. (M)(F)

Keep that pretty little mouth open to me when I’m fucking it.

I want to feel your cum juice all over my face. (F)

I love your pussy juice all over my face.

Let’s fuck again. I want more cum pumped in me.

I love sucking your cock, daddy.

I want to feel you shoot your load in my mouth.

Let me get on top of your cock & ride you till you cum.

I’m your whore, I'm your dirty little fuck pig.

Pound my pussy harder!

Squeeze my tits and hold them while I cum on your cock.

Yeah, ruin my pussy baby, fucking pound it!

Your cock is huge.

What a well behaved little whore you are. 

How do you want me to fuck you? Like this? 

Mmmmm… yeah, fuck my face.

That pretty little face deserves to get fucked. 

Do you want to watch me suck the cum out of your cock?

You’re going to need crutches when I’m done fucking this pussy.

Fill my ass with your cum daddy.

Blow your load in my mouth/face/etc..

Tell me who owns this fucking pussy?

Pump my pussy/ass full of your cum.

You want me to pump your pussy/ass full of cum?

I’m going to pump your pussy/ass full of cum.

Pull that cock out of my ass and shoot your load in my mouth. 

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